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Thanks To Sara Coolidge And Veterinarian Colleges For Acknowledging Animal Advocacy Blogs!

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Sara Coolidge created the website/blog Veterinarian Colleges as a place to go to find answers to questions about how to become a veterinarian.  But her site doesn’t stop there.  She also blogs about such topics as animal welfare, animal rights and zoo reform. 

Sara just pulled together the top blogs on animal advocacy in a great post called “We All Have Rights:  The Top 45 Animal Advocacy Blogs.”  Many thanks to Sara and Veterinarian Colleges for including the Companion Animal Law Blog in the category for Animal Rights Law blogs!

Kudos to Sara for taking so seriously her oath as a veterinarian — which now includes animal health and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering!

Author: Heidi Meinzer

Attorney and Animal Lover, not necessarily in that order

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