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Hot Off The Press! Play, Pet Trusts and Proactive Advice

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Don’t miss the brand new edition of NOVADog Magazine!  There is a ton of great information, and you can read the magazine cover to cover right on line!

The cover features the handsome Golden Retriever Hunter, loved by Tammy Rosen of Fur-Get Me Not.  Inside is a wonderful article by Vivian Leven Shoemaker, Fur-Get Me Not’s Training Director and owner of Positive Dog, (starting on page 14) on interactive toys and playing with your dog.

The Expert Advice column by Lisa Colon Tudor of KissAble Canine (found on page 10) talks about humping behavior and how to stop it — a very hot topic for Boomer right now!

And my colleague Jennifer Lee and I contributed an article about how to include pets in your estate plans (starting on page 19).  My favorite part of the article?  The story of a caregiver of three lucky rescues in Maryland who continues the deceased owner’s weekly ritual of making a Friday night spaghetti dinner for the dogs. 

There’s much, much more in this edition, so please check it out!

Author: Heidi Meinzer

Attorney and Animal Lover, not necessarily in that order

One thought on “Hot Off The Press! Play, Pet Trusts and Proactive Advice

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