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Time To Celebrate! President Obama Signs Anti-Crush Video Legislation HR 5566 Into Law

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If you’ve been watching updates about animal crush videos on my blog, or getting the news elsewhere, you’ve been anxiously awaiting the day for President Obama to sign Amended HR 5566 into law.  That day has finally come!

Amended HR 5566 addresses the void in the law left by US v. Stevens, in which the United States Supreme Court struck down Congress’s previous effort to criminalize animal crush videos. 

For further details about the history of Amended HR 5566, check out either my October post, November post, Govtrack, or the Humane Society for the United States.  Thanks to Govtrack, you can also link to the latest version of Amended HR 5566.

The only lingering question is whether Amended HR 5566 will also address depictions and videos of other forms of animal abuse – most notably dog fighting, which was precisely the issue in Stevens.

Author: Heidi Meinzer

Attorney and Animal Lover, not necessarily in that order

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